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Turning Space Into Food, Community, and An Experience 

A year-round building amenity 

directly in the heart of the city.   

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Photo of Jonathan and his very first container-farm harvest!

Jonathan Bernard: Alumni of Kimbal Musk-led Square Roots incubator in Brooklyn. Expertise in Vertical Farming. Cofounder of Street Leafs. Love for cooking and real food.

David Nebinski: Left decade of real estate development and technology to bring food into cities. Most recently Head of Growth at TransitScreen. Love for sustainable real estate and social impact.

We love real food, and see a huge opportunity to use real estate to take things to the next level. Traditional farming takes vast amounts of space and resources that prohibit it from being  feasible in crowded cities.

We believe Vertical Farming can fix that.

David and Angela.JPG

Photo of David with Health Coach/Expert, Angela Shurina!

Interested in having a farm? Interested in becoming a farmer? 

Jon @ 631-834-9172

David @ 703-801-3837 

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